Tristan Berrimore talks Cameron Canada into sex

Cameron Canada and Tristan Berrimore are playing tennis together. They make a bet that if Tristan wins Cameron has to do whatever she says and if Cameron wins Tristan has to give her 50 bucks to buy a new pair of jeans. Tristan won the game and she is cashing in on her bet.

Tristan says that Cameron now has to do whatever she says to do. Tristan says she wants to undress Cameron, Cameron feels strange about it but Tristan says she is horny so she is going to have to give her what she wants. I think they are step sister’s because they keep talking about how they are sisters and this kinda gives Cameron the creeps, but her word is her bond so she gives Tristan what she wants.

Tristan undresses her and sucks on her boobs and then Cameron eats out Tristan’s pussy. Tristan returns the favor and licks and fingers Cameron’s pussy from behind. Then Tristan lays on her shoulders with her legs up in the air and Cameron licks and fingers Tristan’s pussy. Then Cameron sits her pussy on Tristan’s when Tristan is in this position and tribs her doing the vertical scissor (9:39).

Then they trade positions and Cameron is on the ground and Tristan is licking her pussy and fingering it, she also eats out Cameron’s asshole. Cameron masturbates her clit at the same time. Then Cameron goes back to eating and fingering Tristan’s pussy while Tristan massages her clit. Then Tristan tribs her pussy on Cameron’s face while Cameron eats her out (17:30). After that they 69 on the ottoman and kiss.

Vertical Scissor: 9:39
Face Tribbing: 17:30

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