Chloe Couture and Zoey Laine fuck MILFS

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. In this video Chloe Couture, Zoey Laine, Crissy, and Savannah have a hot orgy. The video starts with Chole talking to her mom about here best friend Zoey and how she rather spend the weekend with her then with her boyfriend. Her mom says that Zoey is always welcome at their home.

Zoey comes over and Savannah, Zoey’s mom calls Crissy, Chloe’s mom to see if Zoey made it there okay. Savannah tells Crissy that she read Zoey’s diary and that it says that Zoey and Chole like to have sex together in the last entry. Crissy is shocked and tells Savannah to come over right away.

Crissy leaves the girls to meet Savannah and they start making out outside on the patio furniture. Crissy and Savannah go to confront the girls and they can’t find them. When they finally do find the girls they see them making out outside. Crissy and Savannah go outside and confront them. Crissy and Savannah start off by giving the girls a good lecture but then their lecture turns to a talk on education and on teaching the girls a thing or two about sex.

The clip then cuts to Savannah seducing Chole and Crissy seducing Zoey. The moms lick and rub and finger the girl’s pussies side by side. Lots of white cream comes out of Zoey’s pussy. Then the moms get out dildos and put them in the girl’s pussies.

After that, the moms get naked and spread their legs and the girls eat out and finger their cunts. Then the moms lay the girls down and mount them in the standard tribbing position (30:22) and they trib them side by side. The moms leave and the girls go back to fucking with their new found information.

Standard Tribbing: 30:22

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