Euro babes fuck

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Two brunette European lesbians are having sex in this clip. They make out on the bed touching and kissing each other intensely. The make out and trib in the tribbing of the knee position for a bit with their panties on (36 seconds). The girl on top licks and sucks on her partner’s boobs.

Then they flip positions and the girl on top is now on the bottom getting her pussy fingered. Then the darker haired brunette mounts the lighter haired brunette and they trib their pussies together in the standard tribbing position (3:54). Then the darker haired brunette lays down and they scissor their pussies together on the bed (5:30).

They grind their pussies together as they scissor. Then the girl on the right eats the other girl’s pussy out and fingers it. The darker haired brunette rubs her own clit at times during this. After that, the lighter haired brunette sits on her partner’s face and tribs her pussy on her mouth while the darker brunette eats her out (10:17).

Knee Tribbing: 36 seconds
Standard Tribbing: 3:54
Scissoring: 5:30
Face Tribbing: 10:17

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