Melrose Foxxx and Misty Stone tribbing many ways

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Melrose Foxxx and Misty Stone trib pussies in this video. The video starts with Misty tribbing Melrose in the standard tribbing position. From there they change positions and start scissoring each other (1:22). Melrose bumps her pussy on Misty.

Then Melrose bends over and Misty eats out her pussy from behind. Misty mounts Melrose’s ass and tribs her doggy style (2:50). When Misty is done Melrose truns over on her back and sucks on Misty’s tit. Misty then sits her pussy on Melrose’s face and tribs it (4:32) while Melrose eats it.

Melrose rubs her pussy at the same time she is eating Misty’s pussy out. After that, Misty sits her pussy on Melorse’s pussy and rides her (6:24). This video has been edited to just show the tribbing parts.

Standard Tribbing: Start of the video
Scissoring: 1:22
Doggy Style: 2:50
Face Tribbing: 4:32
Riding: 6:24

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