Two black BBWs and one white skinny lesbian

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This is a threesome between two BBW black lesbians and a skinny white girl. The BBW’s have mega huge boobs and the video starts with the lighter skinned BBW licking her black BBW partner’s tit. Then the darker skinned BBW gets up and comes back with a skinny naked white lesbian in her arms. She puts the white lesbian on the bed and the light skinned BBW kisses the white girls tit. Then the BBW’s take turns smothering the white lesbian with their really big boobs.

The white lesbian tries her best to keep up and suck on their nipples in between being crushed by their super sized tits. Then the light skinned BBW masturbates and rubs the white lesbian’s pussy and the other BBW tribs her tit on the white lesbian’s cunt (18:41). Then both BBW’s trib their boobs on the white girl’s pussy at the same time (20:49).

The dark skinned BBW stops for a few seconds and lets the lighter skinned BBW have at the white girl’s pussy. Then the dark skinned lesbian jumps back in and tribs her boob against the white lesbian’s pussy by herself (22:37). Then the clip cuts to the lighter skinned BBW tribbing the white girl with both of her boobs while the darker BBW smothers the white lesbian’s face with her her two big tits.

Then the white lesbian sticks her face in the darker BBW’s armpit and licks it. Then the lighter skinned lesbian fucks the white lesbian from behind with a strap on while she sucks on the darker skinned BBW’s tits some more. After that, the white lesbian puts on the strap on and fucks the darker skinned lesbian from behind while she sucks on the lighter BBW’s boobs.

Then they stop fucking and they all put oil on each other’s boobs. The BBW lesbians tribs their boobs on the white lesbian’s body (41:20). Then the lighter skinned lesbian lays down and the darker BBW tribs her pussy with her boob (41:40) while the white lesbian rubs her foot. Then the darker BBW tribs the lighter skinned BBW with both tits and the white lesbian sucks on the lighter skinned BBW’s boobs while she is still laying on her back. She tribs her hard and fast.

After that, the white lesbian and the lighter skinned lesbian trib their pussies together by scissoring while the the lighter skinned lesbian sucks on the darker skinned lesbian’s tits (47:20). Then the white skinned lesbian lays on her stomach and the lighter skinned BBW tribs her from behind (49:30) while she licks the other lesbian’s tit.

Body Tribbing: 18:41, 20:49, 22:37, 41:20, 41:40
Scissoring: 47:20
Doggy Style: 49:30

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