London Keyes and Mia Lelani fuck hard

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This video starts out with London Keyes and Mia Lelani sucking a big red lollipop together. They suck it and kiss each other. The other end of the lollipop is a dildo. London turns the lollipop horizontal and lets Mia suck on the dildo side. London jams the dildo in Mia’s mouth. They are a bit aggressive with each other.

Then next thing you know London is on her stomach and Mia is jamming the dildo in her pussy from behind. Mia moves the dildo in London’s pussy with her mouth and hands. Then Mia puts the dildo in her mouth and London sucks on the part that was in her pussy.

The scene skips to Mia and London naked on the bed. Mia has a jeweled butt plug in her ass and London is playing with Mia’s stringy sticky pussy cum. London licks and rubs Mia’s wet pussy and then mounts it with her own. London tribs Mia in the tribbing of the knee position (3:50) and they trib hard and fast.

Then they stop tribbing and London is bent over with her own finger in her butt while Mia fingers her pussy. London tribs Mia’s fingers with her pussy (4:35) and Mia fingers and rubs London’s pussy.

Knee Tribbing: 3:50
Body Tribbing: 4:35

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