Bigger lesbian fights smaller lesbian

A bigger brunette lesbian and a smaller redheaded lesbian are dressed up in lingerie costumes and are going to a party. The redhead does not like the brunette’s outfit and tells her so. The brunette gets defensive and starts pushing the redhead around saying she does not like the redhead’s outfit either. The brunette says she is really mad because the redhead is ashamed of her.

The brunette pushes the redhead down on the couch and they start fighting. They pull each other’s hair and the brunette takes the redhead’s jaw and moves it violently around, the brunette also puts handcuffs on the redhead. The brunette spanks her and the redhead keeps pulling the brunette’s hair. Then the brunette tribs the redhead in the standard tribbing position while she still has her panties on (3:29).

They trib hard and fast and aggressively. The redhead is handcuffed the whole time they are fighting and somehow the redhead manages to get on top of the brunette and start tribbing her in the standard tribbing position (5:10). The brunette takes off the handcuffs and the redhead lunges at her and rubs her pussy and tribs her again in the standard position (7:02).

Then the brunette gets on top and tribs the redhead in the standard position (7:27). They then slap each other and fight and end up scissoring on the couch (9:27). Every time they trib they end up tribbing hard and fast, almost violently. Then the brunette pins the redhead and touches her pussy and they trib in the vertical scissor tribbing position (10:40). The redhead hangs off the couch and the brunette scissors her pussy standing over her.

After that they get on the floor and rub each other’s pussies. Then they get back on the couch and fight and the redhead tribs the brunette’s boob with her pussy (15:23). They then take out a whip and hit each other before going back on the couch and tribbing again in the standard tribbing position (17:17). They take a little break from fighting and the redhead rubs the brunette’s pussy and then they get up and go right back to hitting each other.

The redhead pushes the brunette on the couch and tribs her from behind (20:35). The brunette breaks free and they scissor on the couch instead (21:08). Which turns into the brunette tribbing the redhead in the semi reverse cowgirl position (21:44). They relax for a bit then violently scissor on the floor (23:00). This is a very fast paced, aggressive tribbing video.

Standard Tribbing: 3:29, 5:10, 7:02, 7:27, 17:17
Scissoring: 9:27, 21:08, 23:00
Vertical Scissor: 10:40
Body Tribbing: 15:23
Doggy Style: 20:35
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 21:44

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