Tara Morgan and Dakota James have hard intense sex

This clip was recommended by Dan, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Tara morgan and Dakota james dry hump and trib in this awesome kiss me girl vid.

This video starts with Tara Morgan on top of Dakota James, kissing passionately on the bed. They kiss very deep and hard. Tara feels up Dakota’s boobs as she plunges her tongue deep into Dakota’s mouth. Then around 51 seconds Tara dry humps Dakota in the riding position. They still have their clothes on at this point.

Tara rides Dakota very fast and hard as they stop every now and then to kiss each other deeply. Then, with their clothes still on, Tara lifts up Dakota’s leg and she tribs her in the standard tribbing position (6:03) hard and fast. They bump their pussies together in this position and Tara stops tribbing at times to rub Dakota’s pussy through her shorts.

Then they take off their shirts and Tara goes back to riding Dakota’s pussy with their shorts still on (9:46). They bump their pussies together and Tara rides Dakota’s pussy fast and hard. Then Tara puts her knee up to Dakota’s pussy and lets Dakota trib it and grind it (10:36).

After that, Tara sucks on Dakota’s exposed boobs and they trib in the standard tribbing position (13:09) hard. Then they masturbate each other’s pussies and kiss hard and sloppy like. Tara takes off Dakota’s shorts and rubs her pussy through her panties and kisses her boobs some more. Then Tara tribs Dakota in the tribbing of the knee position (24:36) while Tara still has her shorts on and Dakota still has her panties on. They trib hard and fast.

Then Dakota sucks on Tara’s boobs and Tara rides Dakota’s pussy very hard, they are both still wearing their bottoms (27:04). Then Tara takes off her shorts and she rides Dakota in her panties, they trib panty to panty (28:27). Then they change into tribbing in the standard tribbing position very hard and fast (28:59).

Then Tara takes off Dakota’s panties and eats her ass out from behind and bites her ass cheek. Then Tara tribs her boobs on Dakota’s ass from behind while she tribs her own pussy on Dakota’s upper thigh, it’s pretty hot (35:35). Then Tara straight up tribs her pussy on Dakota’s ass from behind hard and fast in her panties (36:03). Dakota then gets on top of Tara for a bit and kisses her and licks her boobs and licks her pussy through her panties.

Then Dakota lays down on the bed on her stomach and Tara eats her pussy from behind and fingers her pussy. Tara is in control everything in this video. They end the video kissing deeply and passionately.

Riding: 51 seconds, 9:46, 27:04, 28:27
Standard Tribbing: 6:03, 13:09, 28:59
Body Tribbing: 10:36, 35:35
Knee Tribbing: 24:36
Doggy Style: 35:35, 36:03

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