Ashlee Chambers and Milinda Richardson trib big clits

Ashlee Chambers and Milinda Richardson trib their big clits together in this video. At the start of the video Milinda is sitting on top of Ashlee’s lap, taking off Ashlee’s shirt. Then Milinda slides her pussy up to Ashlee’s stomach and gently grinds her clit on it (13 seconds). Then Ashlee gets up and they get into the scissoring position and scissor their big clits together (30 seconds).

After that, Milinda gets on top of Ashlee and tribs her clit by riding it (1:48). Milinda rides for a minute then Ashlee gets on top and rides her clit on Milinda’s clit (2:14). Then they go back to scissoring their clits (3:02). After that, Milinda wraps her legs around Ashlee’s hips and Ashlee plays with Milinda’s big clit. Milinda gets behind Ashlee and rubs Ashlee’s clit while Ashlee is on her knees.

Body Tribbing: 13 seconds
Scissoring: 30 seconds, 3:02
Riding: 1:48, 2:14

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