Mia Magma and Inna scissor a dick

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This clip was recommended by jqsmith67, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. In this video the blonde, Mia Magma and the brunette, Inna, have lesbian sex outside. The clip starts with Mia talking on the phone, Inna is listening to her talk while she is filing Mia’s toenails. Then Mia gets off the phone and opens her legs, reveling her pussy to Inna. Mia touches and plays with her pussy while Inna is watching her.

Then Inna starts sucking on Mia’s toes and Mia rubs her foot on Inna’s boob. They start kissing and sucking on each other’s bodies and undressing each other. A man sees them and starts walking towards them. The man starts kissing Inna and gets in on the action.

Inna lays down on the chair and Mia sucks on her pussy while the man sucks on her boob. Then Inna sucks the mans dick and soon Mia and Inna suck his dick at the same time. Then Mia and Inna 69 on the chair and the man gets on the chair too and fucks Mia from behind. At times he stops fucking Mia to let Inna suck his dick.

Then the man stands up and Mia sucks his dick some more. The man then lays down on the chair and Inna rides his cock while Mia sits on his face while he eats her pussy. Inna also sucks on Mia’s pussy while she is getting fucked. Then the girls change positions and Mia gets fucked and Inna sits on the man’s face. Mia rubs her clit while she is riding the man.

Then they both get on their knees and suck the man’s dick together. Then Inna sits on the mans stomach and his cock rubs against her clit. Inna rides it for a second, but then Mia takes his dick out of Inna’s pussy and puts it against Inna’s clit.

Mia then tribs Inna by scissoring her with the man’s dick in the middle (28:09). It’s a fast tribbing scene but really rare and different. They scissor their pussies together with the man’s dick in between them. The man’s dick rubs against both their clits.

Scissoring: 28:09

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