Cala Craves and Torri Secret have mature sex

In this video Cala Craves and Torri Secret are outside some camp ground kissing by a big rock. They decide to get a room so they walk back to their cabin. When they get to the room Torri lays on her stomach and Cala tribs her from behind while she massages her back (2:05). They still have their clothes on. Cala gets a little aggressive when she tribs, she pulls Torri’s hair while her pussy presses into her ass. There is a closeup shot of this.

Torri flips over and Cala kisses her and they trib in the missionary position with their clothes still on (7:25). Then Cala pulls off Torri’s shorts and rubs Torri’s pussy, fingers it and eats it. They both get naked, except Cala is still wearing her skirt and Torri tribs Cala in the missionary position (20:52) and the standard tribbing position (21:58). After they trib, Torri eats out and fingers Cala’s pussy. They end the video with a kiss.

Doggy Style: 2:05
Missionary: 7:25, 20:52
Standard Tribbing: 21:58

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2 thoughts on “Cala Craves and Torri Secret have mature sex

  1. heey there, sorry its been a while since I was on here. I remember seeing this on xhamster some time ago, and I still love it now. awesome. I see your vid collection has grown extensively. lol.

  2. Hey Dan! yeah the collection has grown a bit 🙂 This is a really good video we like it a lot.

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