Mom Ariella Ferrera seduces daughter Sara Luvv

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Ariella Ferrera and Sara Luvv are mother and daughter in this video. The video starts with Sara sitting on the couch narrating to us how her dad met Ariella. Her dad met her at the gym and a week later they were married. Sara can’t get to know her new step mom, Sara doesn’t know if she is nice or a bitch because Ariella does not speak any English.

Ariella gives Sara some coffee and sits next to her on the couch. Ariella starts telling Sara how pretty she is in Spanish and how she wants to get with her, but Sara can’t understand a word. So Ariella says she wants to teach Sara some sexual tricks and Sara not understanding her says ok. Ariella takes the ok to mean that Sara wants to have sex with her.

Sara says that Ariella does not understand privacy or personal space, Ariella walks in on Sara getting dressed. Ariella sees Sara’s boobs and tells her not to cover up. Sara says she does not speak Spanish and gets into the shower. Ariella follows and watches Sara bath, then she gets naked herself and gets in the shower with Sara. Sara is startled and Ariella starts kissing and rubbing Sara’s body. Sara can’t resist.

Ariella rubs Sara’s pussy and butt. The Sara turns around and Ariella trib stands her pussy into Sara’s behind (4:30) for a moment. Then they get out of the shower and lay on the couch. Ariella rubs, licks and sucks on Sara’s pussy. Ariella then starts tribbing Sara by riding her pussy (9:14). Sara rubs Ariella’s pussy while Ariella rides her pussy.

Then Ariella lays down on the couch and Sara eats Ariella’s pussy out. They kiss and then Sara sits on Ariella’s face and Ariella eats out and rubs Sara’s pussy that way. Then Sara gets on top of Ariella and they trib missionary style (19:48) on the couch.

There is a nice closeup shot of their pussies tribbing on each others. Then Sara sits up and rides Ariella’s pussy with her own (23:33) grinding away. Then Sara switches to tribbing Ariella in the standard tribbing position (24:50). They trib like this for the rest of the video.

Trib standing: 4:30
Doggy Style: 4:30
Riding: 9:14, 23:33
Missionary: 19:48
Standard Tribbing: 24:50

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