Sexy brunette lesbians trib

These two brunettes, Sarah Shevon and Mia Gold, start kissing and rubbing each other and taking off each other’s clothes. One of the brunettes, Sarah, leaves her panties on and tribs the other missionary style on the couch. She then hoists the girl on the bottom, Mia, up on her lap and Mia rides her and gives her a little lap dance. Then Mia takes off Sarah’s panties and then the scene cuts to black and it comes back with them kissing, then the scene cuts to black again and it comes back with Mia who was tribbing by riding Sarah again on the couch.

She rides her pussy softly at first, she eventually lifts up Sarah’s leg and starts tribbing faster and harder. Sarah then gets up and takes control of the tribbing, they start scissoring on the couch and then Sarah tribs Mia in the standard tribbing position hard and fast, she does grind her pussy into her partner’s for a short time. Towards the end it looks like Sarah is rubbing her partner’s pussy while she tribs her.

Missionary: 2:21
Riding: 3:16, 3:56
Standard Tribbing: 4:20, 7:28
Scissoring: 6:43

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