Lesbian catfight

This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. The video starts with a blonde sitting on the couch talking on the phone. She is saying that they are getting evicted because her roommate did not pay the rent again. The roommate is in the shower and the blonde is waiting to confront her.

A very big breasted brunette comes out of the shower and tells the blonde that her new conditioner is doing wonders for her hair. The blonde then tells the brunette they are getting evicted because she did not pay the rent. The brunette says she used the rent money to buy things because the blonde will not let her buy stuff. The blonde gets pissed and starts pushing the brunette and they start fighting.

They push and pull each other and pull each other’s hair. They get naked and pin each other to the ground. They wrestle and just beat each other down. The blonde sits on the brunette’s face and the brunette is forced to eat her pussy. Then the blonde hits the brunette’s pussy and eats it some more. After that, they trib their pussies together by scissoring and bumping their pussies (16:15).

Then they kiss and the blonde licks the brunette’s big boobs. Then the brunette lays on her back on the floor and the blonde eats her pussy again. Then the blonde kicks the brunette out of her house and she sits down and says she has to find another roommate. Then the blonde gets on the phone and says she is done with the brunette.

Then the brunette comes back and tells the blonde to get off the phone and they start fighting again. The blonde says that the brunette is going have to beg her to stay there. The brunette gets on her knees and begs and does jumping jacks for the neighbors to see naked to prove to the blonde how much she wants to live with her. The blonde orders the brunette to kiss her body and the brunette does.

The brunette apologizes and the blonde rides her like she is a little horse around the room. I guess they have made up and the blonde is going to let her live there. The video ends at 30:40 and this seems to be a retro clip, probably from the 90’s.

Scissoring: 16:15

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