Lesbian oil wrestling turns into sex

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This clip was recommended by Chris, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. A brunette, Sasha Heart, walks into a bar, gets into her bikini and pours herself a drink. Soon after a blonde, Lia Lor, walks in. Sasha tells her that she is late. Lia tells her to chill out and that the bar doesn’t open for another two hours. These girls do not like each other.

They start giving each other attitude while they are rubbing oil on themselves. Lia says she is a serious wrestler and Sasha is not. Lia says Sasha lets guys feel her up and that is a problem because then the guys think it’s ok to feel her up too.

Lia says a guy actually fingered her pussy while in the oil pit with her. Sasha tells her it’s not a big deal and Lia calls her a whore and challenges her to an oil fight. Sasha accepts claiming she is not afraid of Lia.

They start wrestling in the oil and then Lia gets on top of Sasha and sits her pussy on her face and face tribs her. Sasha is forced to eat her pussy out and Sasha seems to enjoy it because she fingers her own pussy while she is licking the Lias. Then Sasha sits on Lia’s face and tribs it while Lia licks her pussy. Sasha fingers Lia’s pussy at the same time.

Then they start to 69 each other, Lia continues to eat Sasha’s pussy and Sasha licks and fingers Lia’s pussy. Then Lia gets up real fast and wrestles Sasha to the ground and tribs her hard and fast missionary style. There is a closeup of this. Then Sasha wrestles Lia some more and they start scissoring their pussies together. There are closeup shots of their pussies touching and tribbing clit to clit. They scissor hard and fast.

Face tribbing: 3:46 and 7:02
Missionary tribbing: 12:12
Scissoring: 15:14

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