Muscle lesbians with big clits tribbing

This clip was recommended by Jakku, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Muscular lesbians are lifting weights in a gym. One lesbian is laying down on a weight bench and another lesbian comes up to her and they start tribbing their massive clits together. Their clits are huge.

The lesbian who is standing up tribbing the other lesbian who is laying down, squirts at around 32 seconds. You can see the juices splattering on the weight bench. Then another lesbian comes with her big clit and tribs the lesbian laying down. So there are two lesbians tribbing the lesbian that is laying down on the bench. They trib the lesbian on the bench in the standard tribbing position.

When the two lesbians are done tribbing they walk away. We never get to see any of the lesbian’s faces and we know the two controlling the tribbing are blondes because at the end of the clip we can see the lesbian’s walking away in the gym mirror. We don’t see the head or face of the lesbian laying down.

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