Lesbian sleepover part 2

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This clip was recommended by BoliElBoliviano, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is part two of “Lesbian Slumber Party, The Kissing Game” and part two of our clip “Lesbian sleepover part 1”. It starts off from where part 1 left off. Sinn Sage is tribbing Ela Darling, clit to clit, in the tribbing of the knee position and in the standard tribbing position.

Then the scene changes to Magdalene St. Michaels telling Samantha Ryan, Skin Diamond, April O’Neil, and Lacie James that she is going to read her book and go to bed. April follows Magdalene into her bedroom and says she wants to catch up with her. April gets into bed with Magdalene and they start talking. April says that Magdalene was important to her growing up and that she was a mother figure to her after her mom died.

Magdalene says that April has always been very special to her. April kisses Magdalene on the cheek and then they kiss on the lips. Then April eats out Magdalene’s hairy pussy. They get totally naked and April tribs Magdalene in the missionary and tribbing of the knee position. The way they have sex with each other is soft and romantic. Then April lays down and Magdalene eats out her pussy and fingers it.

Then April tribs her boob and stomach on Magdalene’s clit and pussy before they start tribbing in the tribbing of the knee position again. Then April eats out Magdalene’s pussy some more and they trib for a second after. Then April sits on Magdalene’s face and gets her pussy eaten out. Then April bends over and Magdalene masturbates April’s pussy from behind. Then April rubs Magdalene’s pussy before Magdalene sucks on April’s pussy again, they end their sex with a kiss.

Then the scene fads to Samantha Ryan, Skin Diamond, and Lacie James sitting around the living room. They are saying it was a strange night and the kissing game was weird. Lacie says she picked up on a sexual vibe between Samantha and Skin. Lacie says they should kiss, they do and they start making out. Then Samantha and Skin start kissing Lacie too and they all start kissing each other. Samantha gets naked and tribs her pussy on Lacie’s thigh, Lacie has her pants on still, while Skin is kissing Lacie in her panties.

Then Lacie rubs Skin’s pussy and Skin rubs Lacie’s pussy while Samantha tribs her pussy on Lacie’s thigh. Then Skin eats out Lacie’s pussy while Samantha sucks on Lacie’s big boobs. Then Samantha eats Skin’s pussy while Lacie sucks on Skin’s boobs. Then Samantha and Lacie kiss while Skin tribs Samantha in the tribbing of the knee position and by riding her pussy. Then Skin eats Samantha’s pussy while Samantha and Lacie keep kissing.

Then the scene changes to Samantha, Skin, and Lacie back in their clothes. Sovereign and Dani walk back into the room, then Sinn and Ela come back and then finally April comes back in. All the girls are laughing and looking around. They determine that Sovereign was right and then they throw pillows and popcorn at each other.

Standard Tribbing: Start of the video
Knee Tribbing: 1:37, 27:07, 36:43, 1:06:11
Body Tribbing: 34:23, 55:36, 56:21
Missionary: 36:37
Riding: 1:08:00

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