Lesbian nun Ariella Ferrera tribs Presley Hart

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This clip was recommended by David, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Watching this video will get you wet 😀

Ariella Ferrera is a nun that gets summoned into Mother Superior’s chambers, Magdalene St. Michaels. Magdalene tells Ariella that she is concerned for one of there sisters. She seems distracted during mass and seems to be day dreaming. She wants Ariella to check in on her and talk to her about it. Magdalene thinks she could be thinking about the sins of the flesh and tells her a fellow nun should talk to her about it.

Ariella disagrees to see her at first but Magdalene refuses to take no for an answer. The scene changes to Presley Hart reading her bible on her bed and praying. Ariella comes into her room and says she talked with Mother Superior and was scared that she knew of their lust for each other. They can’t fight back the temptation for each other so they pray to God for the strength to overcome their desires. Ariella looks to be a lot older then Presley.

We have another clip up to this movie, our clip is called “Lesbian nuns have tribbing sex”. I think Mother Superior is talking about a girl needing guidance from that clip, Ariella Ferrera is in that scene with Jasmine Jem, the girl who needs guidance. The main movie these clips come from is called “Mother Superior”, if any one is interested.

They pray together but it doesn’t work they start kissing each other on the bed. Then they try to get undressed but Ariella gets on top of Presley, with their panties still on and Ariella still has her gown on and she tribs Presley by riding her pussy. Then they kiss passionately and take off the rest of their clothes and their panties.

Ariella gets on top of Presley in the missionary position and they trib hard and fast. Then Ariella masturbates Presley’s pussy. After that, Presley eats out Ariella’s pussy. Then Ariella turns around and bends over and Presley eats her pussy from behind. When Presley is done eating her pussy, she tribs and humps Ariella’s ass from behind. This is a really good video.

Riding: 9:43
Missionary: 12:50
Doggy Style: 27:26

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  1. Great scene but unhappy with the religious theme. A lot of Catholics will be upset with this. Would the participants and the producers do a film set inside a Mosque I wonder? I doubt it. Religion should be kept out of Adult entertainment as the two don’t mix.