Bianca Breeze seduces April O’Neil into tribbing

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In this video Bianca Breeze is interviewing nannies for her children. In the beginning of the scene Bianca is going over resumes with her girlfriend. Bianca tells her friend that she likes April O’Neil and that April was a beauty queen to boot. The clip cuts to Bianca and April in the bedroom. Bianca gives April her nanny uniform and takes off April’s clothes and then puts the uniform on her. Bianca is aggressive with April, she knows what she wants.

April talks about her boyfriend while Bianca undresses her, April says her boyfriend is a musician who is from Canada and that he is tall with a lot of muscles. Bianca says that her friend Dana thinks having sex with guys is gross, I think the woman Bianca was talking to in the beginning was Dana Dearmond, but she looks different because of fillers and Botox, I think. Then Bianca asks April if she has had sex with a woman, April says no.

Bianca puts April on her back and eats out her pussy. Then April eats out Bianca’s pussy hole. Then April mounts Bianca in a standard tribbing position and they trib clit to clit, Bianca grinds her pussy into April’s.

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