Ariella Ferrera and Ana Foxxx tribbing

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Ariella Ferrera and Ana Foxxx have lesbian sex. They make out for a long time, they kiss, caress and fondle each other. Then at around 11:46 Ariella puts her huge tit on Ana’s pussy and Ana tribs her pussy on Ariella’s tit and nipple. Before that, Ariella tribbed her tit on Ana’s pussy over her panties.

Then they both get completely naked and Ariella mounts Ana with her pussy and they trib missionary style, hard and fast. There is a nice closeup shot of this. Then Ana turns around and lays on her stomach, while Ariella rubs her back with her body and tribs her tit between Ana’s ass crack. Then Ariella tribs Ana from behind, hard and fast with a nice closeup shot.

After that, Ariella gets off of Ana and lays on the bed, on her back and Ana sits on her lap and tribs her reverse cowgirl style for a minute. Then Ana rubs Ariella’s pussy and turns around on her and tribs her in the missionary position, by grinding and bumping her pussy into Ariellas. Then Ariella lifts up her leg on the bed and Ana sits her pussy on her upper thigh and tribs on it, and then they rub each other’s pussies before Ana collapses on Ariella and they kiss.

Body Tribbing: 11:20, 12:25, 18:28, 28:09
Missionary: 13:15, 25:19
Doggy Style: 15:50, 19:43
Reverse Cowgirl: 22:36

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