Wet clothed lesbian dancing and tribbing

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There is a lesbian dance party going on and it’s in this clip. The lesbians dance, grind, and trib on the dance floor. There are a ton of lesbians waiting their turn and watching on the sidelines. There are men with cameras taking pictures of the lesbians dancing and grooving to the music. They dance and trib with their clothes on and I guess water gets poured on them when they are on the dance floor.

A blonde and a brunette start out the video by dancing and trib standing, grinding on each other in their wet clothes. The blonde has glasses on and a fat ass. The brunette is dancing like a wild child. Then they get off the dance floor and a new blonde and brunette couple get on. Their clothes are dry at first until the water starts spraying them.

The blonde bends over and the brunette tribs her doggy style. Then the blonde lays on the side of the dance floor and the brunette comes up and tribs her in a standard tribbing position. Then the blonde takes off her pants and bends over and the brunette comes up and tribs her from behind again. Then they take off their shirts and they trib stand from behind. The blonde lays on the side of the dance floor again and the brunette tribs her in the standard way again.

Then they get on their knees and the brunette tribs the blonde from behind again. After that, the blonde tribs her pussy on the brunette’s thigh with her pants on, while they are both on their knees. Then the blonde lays down on the dance floor and the brunette gets on top of her and they trib in the standard tribbing position again. Then at the end of the clip, they trib stand, the brunette tries to hold the blonde up by propping up her leg while they trib stand.

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