Angela White and Asa Akira tribbing by the pool

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Asa Akira and Angela White have sex by the pool in this video. The video starts off with Asa and Angela dancing in sexy black bathing suits. Angela is definitely a PAWG, she is also thick and has nice big, real tits. After they are done dancing they get on the lounge chair by the pool and start kissing. Angela rubs Asa’s pussy and smacks and bites Asa’s thighs. Angela gets aggressive in this video, she dominates Asa’s pussy.

Then Angela rubs Asa’s pussy really fast and hard through her swimsuit and Asa sucks on Angela’s big tits. Then Angela smacks Asa in the face with her really big boobs and then they start tribbing. Angela tribs Asa in the standard tribbing position and they still have their suits on. She tribs her hard and fast and then she grinds slow and steady.

Then the video cuts to Asa naked on the chair and Angela eating out her pussy and her asshole. Then Angela fingers Asa’s pussy and asshole at the same time. Then Angela eats and rubs Asa’s pussy before she tribs her again and this time they trib their raw pussies together. Angela tribs Asa fast and hard and a little rough, she holds Asa’s throat for a bit when they are tribbing. Then after they are done tribbing, Angela fingers and rubs Asa’s pussy some more while she sucks on Asa’s foot.

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  1. Great vid. I love the passion in this. and the women here are stunningly gorgeous. great bodies, great asses, fantastic proportions!