Sophie Moone and Monica Sweet have sex

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Two very sexy blonde lesbians, Sophie Moone and Monica Sweet, are in a pool kissing. They get out of the pool and sit on it’s edge, the blondes are naked and they start touching each other’s bodies. Then the blondes lay by the pool, Sophie is straddling the Monica, she is touching Monica’s boobs and feeling her skin. It looks like a man is watching them while they are having sex, he seems to be hiding in the locker room.

Their skin is wet and glistening from being in the water and from the oil Sophie pours over their bodies. With the oil on their skin, they rub their boobs together. Then they eat, rub, and finger each other’s pussies in a semi 69 position. After they are done, they start tribbing each other by scissoring. After they scissor, they insert a double sided dildo and bump their butts together with the dildo in both their pussies.

Scissoring: 16:38

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  1. very hot. I find women look stunning when they have just come out of a pool or shower. I love the whole wet hair thing!

  2. She goes by Monica Sweet aka Jo and she also goes by Monica Sweetheart. It gets confusing when they have so many names.