Amateur girls in panties tribbing

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These two lesbian girls are amateurs that have a clips 4 sale site. Since they are amateurs and it looks like they are doing this themselves, while someone films and watches them, I am putting this in the Homemade category. The girl on the left is wearing sunglasses, a tank top, and some panties. The girl on the right is also wearing a tank top and some panties.

They are tribbing their pussies together on the floor by scissoring. During their tribbing, the girl on the left whips out an Hitachi vibrator and puts it in between their pussies, while they trib. Towards the end of the video, the girl on the right, her pussy is really wet, the camera zooms up on her wet neon green panties.

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  1. This vid looks good. Do you know what their names are and do you have a link to their clip4sale site. Be great to see anything else they have done.

  2. Thanks gemma. Il have a browse on that. Do you know any good sites specifically for dry humping or women grinding and that sort of thing.