Lesbians in leather pants tribbing compilation

This clip was recommended by Dan, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is a compilation clip of lesbians tribbing in leather pants.

In the first scene a brunette, with purple pasties on her nipples is sitting in a leather chair with her legs spread open, while another brunette is sitting on her lap semi tribbing her and semi giving her a lap dance. The lesbian on top then gets on the ground and the other brunette stays in the chair and they trib pussies in a semi vertical scissor position. Then the brunette on the ground rubs the other brunette’s pussy through her leather pants.

In the second scene two brunette lesbians are on the floor wearing leather pants and leather gloves. They bump their butts together and they trib their pussies on each other’s butts from behind. The lesbian on the right also reaches around and rubs the other lesbian’s pussy.

In the third scene the two lesbians from the second scene are sitting on a pool table. One of the lesbians is bent over tribbing her pussy on the other lesbian’s hand.

In the fourth scene, one lesbian is sitting in an old school OBGYN chair and the other lesbian sits on top of her and they trib their pussies together wearing their leather pants.

I think they are the same girls in every scene, they must be different movies all mashed together.

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