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This is a real homemade lesbian sex video. They are recording their sex with a stationary camera. The lesbian who sets up the camera sits on the edge of the bed and watches her partner walk towards her. She helps her partner take off her clothes. The other black lesbian gets completely naked and faces the camera, showing off her big beautiful tits. Then the naked lesbian starts giving her partner a lap dance, moving her beautiful body around her partner’s clothed pussy.

Then the clothed lesbian leaves for a minute and the naked lesbian does a little dance for the camera. Then the clothed lesbian comes back and she took off her pants and now she is in a shirt and her panties. They start kissing and the now semi clothed lesbian lays the naked lesbian on the bed and eats her pussy out. Then the semi clothed lesbian lays on the bed and the naked lesbian gets on top of her and tribs her pussy on her thigh, right above her knee.

Then the naked lesbian sits on her partner’s face while her pussy gets eaten out. Towards the end of the face sitting, the naked lesbian lightly tribs her pussy on her partner’s face. Then the semi clothed lesbian massages and fingers the naked lesbian’s pussy. Then, for a short second, they trib their pussies in an open scissor position, while the semi clothed lesbian rubs the naked lesbian’s pussy some more. Then the semi clothed lesbian goes back to eating the naked lesbian’s pussy. After that, the semi clothed lesbian starts tribbing the naked lesbian in the missionary position, with her panties still on. She rubs the naked lesbian’s pussy then tribs, rubs then tribs.

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  1. Damn the naked girl is fine. Nice breasts and big juicy round ass. I would have love to see her pussy close up. If I had girl like that, I would make her cum several times.