Aurora Jolie sucks and tribs a redhead

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In this video a black lesbian, Aurora Jolie, has sex with a redhead on a purple couch. The redhead sucks on Aurora’s big boobs while Aurora massages the redhead’s pussy through her panties. Aurora also fondles the redhead’s tits and then Aurora bends over and fingers her own asshole. Then Aurora gets totally naked and eats and rubs the redhead’s pussy. Then the redhead returns the favor and eats out and fingers Aurora’s pussy.

Then Aurora gets on top of the redhead and rides her pussy on the redhead’s stomach, while the redhead sucks on her tits. Then the redhead massages Aurora’s pussy before Aurora rides the redhead’s pussy with her pussy. Aurora also massages the redhead’s pussy while she rides her. Then they get into the 69 position and eat each other out and massage each other’s pussy lips.

Then the redhead gets on top of Aurora and tribs her by riding her pussy, there is a closeup of this, then the redhead switches to a semi scissoring position with her on top. They scissor clit to clit and then they go back to rubbing and sucking each other’s pussies.

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