Ebony lesbian gives a massage

An ebony lesbian gives another ebony lesbian a massage outside. The lesbian massages the other lesbian’s back, butt, and legs, with oil. The lesbian doing the massaging sits reverse cowgirl style on the top of the other lesbian’s butt. The lesbian doing the massaging gets her hands oiled up and rubs her partner’s pussy and inner thighs.

She sticks her fingers inside her partner’s pussy and softly tribs her own pussy on her partner’s ass. She massages her partner’s pussy and sticks her fist in her pussy while she softly tribs. The tribbing is short and very soft in this video, but I wanted to put this video up because I like it.

Then the lesbian on the massage table turns over and the lesbian doing the massaging rubs her partner’s nipples and her boobs and massages the front part of her body. She rubs and fingers her pussy, giving her partner a great orgasm.

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