Sexy Brazilian girls tribbing

This video starts with a Brazilian lesbian laying on a bed masturbating her pussy under her panties. Then I think her friend shows up and they decide to have some fun. The one that was masturbating sits on a chair while her friend changes into a sexy cop outfit and gives her a little lap dance on the chair. The lesbian on the chair rubs the cop’s body and kisses her boobs and butt.

Then they change places and the one that was sitting on the chair is now standing up, wearing the cop hat. It gets confusing here because the clip cuts a lot. The one wearing the cop hat eats out the lesbian sitting on the chair. Then they head over to the bed and the chair sitting lesbian is now wearing the cop hat again. While they are on the bed, they get into the 69 position and suck each other’s pussies.

Then the cop hat lesbian sits on her partner’s face and tribs her pussy a little bit while she gets her pussy eaten. Then they start tribbing their pussies together. The lesbian with the huge tattoo on her back lays down on the bed and the cop hat lesbian mounts her in the standard tribbing position and they rub their pussies together. The cop lesbian crouches down on her partner’s pussy and grinds, there is a great closeup shot of this.

Then the tattoo lesbian gets up and pours oil on the cop lesbian’s pussy and gets on top of her pussy and starts tribbing. She tribs the same way as the cop did on top. She crotches down on the cops pussy with her pussy. There are nice closeup shots of their clits rubbing.

Then the cop gets back on top of the tattoo lesbian and tribs her clit on her clit and bumps her pussy up and down on the tattoo lesbian’s pussy. Then the cop lays on her back, with her legs up in the air and the tattoo lesbian stands up and gets between her legs so their pussies can trib in this position, I call it the vertical scissor. After they are done in this position, the tattoo lesbians tribs the cop missionary style, while they kiss.

Face Tribbing: 11:54
Scissoring: 14:21
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 17:42, 20:51, 25:30
Vertical Scissor: 31:00
Missionary: 33:14

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