Lesbian kitchen tribbing

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This clip was recommended by Dan, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. These two lesbians look like the same girls from our video “Lesbians grinding while standing with their clothes on”, except now they are in a kitchen tribbing. The brunette lesbian is named Gertie Vika.

They start off trib standing in front of the stove, they touch and kiss and grind their pussies together with their clothes on. They are wearing pantyhose, and the redhead lesbian massages Gertie’s pussy through them. Gertie sits on the counter and the redhead eats her pussy through her pantyhose, at this point their shirts are off, exposing their nice breasts.

Then the redhead sits on a chair and Gertie gives her a sensual lap dance, rubbing her pussy on the redhead’s thigh, they are still in their pantyhose. The redhead puts her hands down Gertie’s pantyhose and rubs her raw pussy while at the same time she puts her hands down her own pantyhose and rubs her own pussy.

Then the redhead lays down on the floor and Gertie gets on top of her and they trib in the standard tribbing position, with their pantyhose still on. They also touch and rub their pussies while they are tribbing in this position. Then Gertie lays on top of the redhead and gets into the tribbing of the knee position, they trib this way while Gertie sucks on the redhead’s boobs.

Trib standing: 53 seconds, 3:51, 7:15, 7:31
Doggy Style: 7:31
Body Tribbing: 8:37
Standard Tribbing: 10:31
Knee Tribbing: 12:01

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  1. Yea i think it is the same women here. Dont know who they are. Maybe you can find out. I wonder if theres more to these vids n this is just a clip. Or if theres more like em with these women. Maybe they did several. They do look great and very hot.

  2. Yea me too. Iv only ever seen these two vids of them. Its a shame there isnt more standing material out there. Every time i search for any its all the same stuff. Id love to make my own vids for a site n focus of standing.

  3. I found the name of the dark haired brunette, her name is Gertie Vika. She is a Russian porn star who started performing in 2006. She does a lot of trib standing in pantyhose movies. She does stuff with the Ferro Network, like e Pantyhose Land and LadiesKissLadies.