Thick lesbian has a sex fight

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Two lesbians are in a bedroom hanging out, the brunette is looking through her underwear drawer and the blonde is laying on the bed. The doorbell rings and the blonde goes to answer it. It’s the mailman and he delivered a package. They open the package to find a necklace and a note. The note says, “This is a gift for the better woman”, the girls start pushing each other saying they are the better woman and they deserve the necklace. They decide that it is totally worth it to fight over the necklace. They strip down to their underwear and head over to the other room to fight.

They start fighting each other, they fight for a long time. The brunette pins the blonde to the ground and around 8:18 they start tribbing their pussies with the brunette on top. They trib in their panties by pushing them to the side so their raw clits can touch. There are nice closeup shots of them tribbing like this. They then get up and take off their panties and the blonde gets on top of the brunette and tribs. Then the brunette gets back on top and does some tribbing of the knee and missionary tribbing. Then the blonde gets back on top and tribs in the missionary position.

They also do some scissoring and the brunette rides the blonde in the reverse cowgirl position. There are many great closeup shots of their clits touching and they fight and trib in many different ways, I like when they roll around while doing tribbing of the knee. Also, the brunette has a thick ass and thighs. At the end of the video it is reveled that the brunette sent the necklace so she and the blonde could trib and fight, nice little twist to the story there.

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  1. I cant say a lot of the fighting bits are my fav, as im not that much into the fighting style, to be honest. but the girls are beautiful and the tribbing is great!