Black girls tribbing pussies on the couch

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This clip was recommended by Lo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. I had part of this video up already but Lo found a fuller version. Sexy black lesbians walk down the stairs and sit on the couch. They start making out and taking off their clothes. The black lesbian in the purple panties lightly tribs her pussy in the knee tribbing position on her partner’s pussy while her partner is sitting on the couch.

Then the lesbian in the white panties takes off the other lesbian’s panties and sucks on and fingers her pussy while she masturbates. Then the lesbian in the white panties takes them off and they lay down on the couch in the 69 position and finger and lick each other’s pussies. After they 69 they start tribbing in the standard way on the couch.

There is a nice closeup shot of this. Then they switch to riding their pussies together. They trib hard and fast while they are riding their pussies together. Then they switch tribbing positions and go back to tribbing the standard way. They trib fast and hard this way as well. This is a nice clip.

Knee Tribbing: 3:46
Riding: 11:19
Standard Tribbing: 10:07, 13:05

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