Mature amateur women tribbing

This clip was recommended by Leon, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This clip is very real, two chubby, mature amateur lesbians, Layla and Louise, have sex while someone films them. I assume it is one of their husbands filming them because I saw another clip from these two and they were wearing wedding rings. The camera man really screwed up though because part of the movie plays again on the bottom right of the film.

Anyway, they start out kissing and rubbing on the bed with their bra and panties on. They slowly take off each other’s underwear and get right to it. The woman on the top starts fingering and eating out the woman on the bottoms pussy. Then the woman on the top lays down and gets her pussy rubbed and eaten out. Then she starts fingering and fisting the woman on the bottom really fast and hard, she also rubs her clit and licks her clit some more.

At 14:06 they get into the scissor position and start tribbing their pussies together. There are excellent closeup shots of their pussies touching and smacking together. The woman on the right rubs her partner’s clit some more during their tribbing also. After they scissor, the woman on the right gets on top of the other woman and tribs her missionary style clit to clit. Their clits touch the whole time and there are more great closeup shots.

Scissoring: 14:06
Missionary: 16:35

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3 thoughts on “Mature amateur women tribbing

  1. Another great video. So real and hot. Thank you for posting these. I want to make my fantasy of this come true. Watching this makes me so hot, my tits and clit are just throbbing.

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