Jessi Palmer gets seduced by Niki Hunter

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Jessi Palmer is driving her car and pulls over on the side of the road. She gets out to read a piece of paper and then tries to get back in her car but she soon finds out that she has locked her car with the keys still inside!

So she walks to a nearby house and Niki Hunter answers the door. Jessi asks Niki if she can use her phone cause her keys are locked inside her car. The clip cuts to them talking and drinking tea, sharing funny cat stories. Jessi then asks Niki if she called for help for her. Niki says she called a locksmith but it might be awhile.

Jessi is bummed because she has to be somewhere. Niki asks her where and Jessi says she is out in the neighborhood to meet a friend. Jessi says her psychic gave her a piece of paper with an address on it and told her to go to the address and she will meet someone. Jessi was going to the address before she locked her keys in the car. Niki pretty much tells Jessi that she is dumb for doing that but then they would have never have met.

Niki says that Jessi should watch out cause someone could take advantage of her. No one know where Jessi is, she has no phone and she is lost. Niki walks behind Jessi and strokes her hair. She tells Jessi she could never harm her and Niki starts kissing Jessi’s body. Niki rubs Jessi’s tits and then they kiss. Jessi sucks on Niki’s boobs. Niki gets Jessi naked and they go up to Niki’s bedroom.

There they have sex. Niki sucks on Jessi’s foot and rubs her pussy. Then Jessi rubs Niki’s pussy. Then Niki eats Jessi out. After that Jessi lays on her stomach and Niki tribs her from behind while she still has her black panties on. Then Niki rubs and licks Jessi’s pussy from behind and licks and fingers her asshole. Then Niki sits on Jessi face and gets her pussy eaten while she rubs Jessi’s pussy and softly face tribs her face.

After that they kiss and Niki lays on Jessi and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position and then they switch to tribbing missionary style. Niki has her panties on the whole time. Jessi also rubs Niki’s pussy while they are tribbing missionary. Then Niki kneels and fingers Jessi’s pussy after they trib and licks her pussy. Then Niki takes her panties off and bends over and Jessi licks and fingers her pussy.

Then Niki turns on her back and rubs her own clit while Jessi fingers her deeply. Then they kiss and Jessi mounts Niki and they trib missionary style. Then they stop tribbing and Niki fingers Jessi’s pussy. They end the video with a kiss.

Doggy Style: 18:58
Face Tribbing: 24:19
Knee Tribbing: 24:32
Missionary: 25:49, 35:01

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