Celeste Star makes love to a blonde

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Celeste Star and a blonde are making out, Celeste is licking and rubbing the blonde up and down. Celeste rubs the blonde’s pussy under her panties and eats the blonde’s pussy out with her panties on and her panties off. Then the blonde sits on Celeste’s face and Celeste continues to eat her out.

The blonde face tribs Celeste while she sits on Celeste’s mouth. Celeste masturbates while she eats out the blonde. Then the blonde gets off Celeste and they kiss. Then the blonde returns the favor and rubs and sucks on Celeste’s pussy. Then the blonde mounts Celeste and they start tribbing missionary style.

There are a few good closeup shots. Then they stop tribbing and the blonde bends over and Celeste eats her butt hole and rubs her pussy. Then Celeste lays under the blonde’s butt and pussy and licks her pussy again while the blonde face tribs Celeste’s face. The blonde face tribs Celeste hard and faste while she rubs Celeste’s pussy.

Face Tribbing: 4:45, 9:16
Missionary: 7:29

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