Jenna J. Ross and Syren De Mer have sex

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This clip was recommended by Jasmin, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Jenna J. Ross is sitting on the bed watching Syren De Mer vacuum. Syren stops cleaning and asks Jenna why is wearing a fancy dress. Jenna says it is a church dress and she is wearing it to feel like a virgin again.

Syren gets on the bed and looks under Jenna’s dress and comments on her panties. Then they start to kiss. They take off each other’s clothes and lick each other’s tits. Syren rubs Jenna’s body down and rubs and pats her pussy. Syren pushes Jenna’s panties aside and eats her pussy.

Then Syren bends over in her panties and Jenna rubs her pussy. Then Syren lays on her back and Jenna takes her panties off and eats her out. Then Jenna’s panties come off and Syren rubs and fingers her pussy. After that Syren lays Jenna down and tribs her hard and fast in the standard tribbing position.

Then Syren lays down on Jenna and they trib missionary style hard and fast. Then Jenna hovers over Syren and Syren rubs Jenna’s pussy while she masturbates at the same time. Then they kiss and Jenna sits in front of Syren and Syren fingers her pussy. After that Jenna rubs and eats out Syren’s pussy for the rest of the video.

Standard Tribbing: 18:22
Missionary: 20:06

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